About Me

I am a proud life-long Yellowknifer, having lived here since I was six years old. After studying political science for two years at the University of British Columbia, I moved back north and completed my diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Technology at Aurora College in Fort Smith.

Since 2011 I have been employed as a regulatory specialist at the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board. I have served on Yellowknife City Council since I was elected in 2015.

On top of my work, I am currently a distance student at Royal Roads University, working towards a master's degree in conflict analysis and management. Through the program, I have taken courses on organizational structure and change management, leadership, and I have researched council-administration relations with the goal of better understanding how to help council and administration work together in achieving council's goals. 

My vested interest in the future of Yellowknife as a thriving community is primarily what led me to run for council, and now for re-election. I want to continue to be a part of making this city a great place to live now, and for future generations.

Contact/Lawn Signs

Please contact me with any questions or ideas you would like to share by email, phone, or using the contact form below. You can also order a lawn sign if you'd like to express your support. Just send your address and preferred location, and it will be delivered! 

Email: votejulianmorse@gmail.com

Phone: 867-446-0276



Running for council is a lot of work, and expensive! If you would like to donate to my campaign, please send an email transfer to votejulianmorse@gmail.com, with the password votejulian. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

If you're more interested in hands-on work, I would love to have your assistance getting out door-knocking, or any other help you're interested in offering. Please get in touch by email or phone any time. Thanks!